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I has a nemesis!

Yes, dear readers, it was inevitable that, sooner or later, the mischief and mockery of a certain Monkey King would come to the attentions of some Crunch Overlord. That day has come, and my nemesis is none other than the Chatty DM. He is a master of Crunchy Magic, he disparages Flavor and Fluff and Setting and All That is Good and True!

Clearly, he must die.

Fortunately, he has fallen prey to the weakness of many a villain; he's revealed his hand too early, sending his minions on the attack in an earlier comment thread.

I need trickery and capers to defeat his unyielding, mechanical minions. I need ninjas, pirates, and plot twists to outwit the Chatty DM — more scenery, more marvels, more gaming elements unconstrained by Petty Rules! Victory Will Be Mine! I am enjoying this Far Too Much!!1!

Oh, and after all that disparagement of Fluff, he admits to liking Planescape. I sense a plot twist where the Crunch Overlord finally repents and Sees the Light. Either that, or I imbezulate him with my Electro-Cannons.


Oct. 12th, 2007 12:52 pm (UTC)
The fun part is, he wants to be a fluff DM. He just can't find it. I really do think it starts best (for me) when you go from inspiration to description to rules. The other way, not so good.
Oct. 12th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
That's just it!
If you'll allow me to step out of character for a minute, that's just it. The Crunch is what has made me rediscover D&D and stick to it.

While I'll start an adventure with a fluff hook, I get swamped with crunchy bits (traps, Action zones, Mook stats, Big Bad stats) quite early in my design stage. When the Dramatis Persona is sufficiently fleshed out, I write the scenes and I add the last crunchy bits (obstacle DCs, loot, Search and Knowledge Checks)

However, the fluff parts is what makes most of my players go 'whoa' all the time. Since my 1st job as a DM is to have as many Whoa moments I can get, a healthy balance of Fluff (for them) and Crunch (for me and my crunchy minority of players)is where I need to be.

The TV tropes Wiki, the new Pathfinder and old 2nd Ed Planescape were great eye openers. I'm working my way there....

But having a duel of wits with the Uber Fluff Magister is fun. I'd just need to drag Mearls on my side somehow... :) (And my friends, quite treacherously, have pointed out the irony that a duel of wits is a de-facto fluff thing)

There you have it, handicapped from the start and backstabbed my his own minions! That's a challenge I can't walk away from.

Now where did I put the stats of that Chaos-Shaped Wereboar Ogre Crusader again?
Oct. 12th, 2007 02:26 pm (UTC)
Re: That's just it!
What you need is a theme. Hm. Too busy at work to blog about this now, but I will soon. Themes help you sort out your fluff and make it into crunch, as well as inspire more and more of it.

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