Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Fortress of the Stone Giants

Allow me to burble about my beautiful baby for a few moments. Yes, Pathfinder #4 showed up on my doorstep yesterday, and I absolutely love it. The art by Wayne Reynolds is great, the editorial by James Jacobs made me blush, and the dragon article by irishninja are top-shelf stuff. And then there's my bit, a gigantic adventure with, er, giants.

The first impression I had was the art, and that's all good. The second impression came from reading my part of it, because hey, things change between a turnover and publication.

You know how authors sometimes complain about their editors interference or ham-handedness? Allow me to say clearly and loudly that I have zero complaints. Everything that's been done to the manuscript in editing and then in production strengthens it. The editing is more than deft, it is sure-handed, appropriate, and strong. The Paizo gang are completely on top of their game, and the result makes me confident that Pathfinder will continue to enjoy great success. Which I actually sorta knew from the first three installments, but still.

I'm also delighted with the way the new monsters monsters came together, all seven of them. The art for the hounds, the scanderig, and the shining ones is better than I imagined them. Oh, and next month, this little series will feature ... Ah, look it up. Stephen Greer, Owen Stephens, Nicolas Logue, and Sean K Reynolds are unlikely to disappoint. I really need to start running this series as my next game. Off to read the last article, the Pathfinder journal.

Damn, I love it when a book comes together.
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