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Tech Woes in Winter

I seem to have acquired a bit of nikchick's anti-technology aura. Or at least, two systems have failed me in the last 48 hours.

The first was the more serious: our thermostat broke. Which meant that our brand-new furnace, bought just this past September, was not working and we spent a night camping out in front of the gas fireplace for warmth. While a change of the usual household rhythm is pleasant enough, this brought back memories of the week we spent without electricity in 2006. Which was as close to Lord of the Flies, decline-of-civilization as I cared to be for a week.

We were lucky, as a new thermostat arrived just in the nick of time, before the major storm (6 inches snow plus ice, and 30 to 40 MPH winds) arrived last night.

This morning Adobe decided to trash my fully legal and compliant installation of Creative Suite 3 AGAIN. It just up and quit, telling me that it would no longer run anything: Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, none of the standard items of desktop publishing.

Faithful readers will note this is the third time that Adobe's hideous "licensing engine" has failed atrociously and randomly. As before, fixing this required an uninstall, then a special Adobe-flavored registry scrub, and a complete reinstall. Another 2 hours wasted, though that's an improvement over the 4 hours it took me the last couple times. Apparently, I'm getting faster at this (I and didn't need to call customer support this time because I already had all of Adobe's hack-tastic tools available).

I really, really, really hate Adobe's crapware at this point, which fails whenever its delicate flower meets something that looks at it crosseyed, apparently. And this new failure makes me even more reluctant than I already was to upgrade to CS4.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 05:41 am (UTC)
I've run into the same problem before and tried these instructions. It seems to be working again:


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