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Loud Twitter Posts

More people love it than hate it. And it may get me posting more here. So I'm going to continue this experiment for a week and then either yank it or keep it.

  • 16:57 Writing about dwarves. Sneaky bastards are all tough, AND have the brains to engineer their way into your vault. Want to write "Alpine 11". #
  • 17:03 @chattydm I think autistic wizards is a fine premise, not sure about your alternate worlds/perceptions bit. I like wizards paying a price... #
  • 17:07 Crack for map junkies: Byzantium 1200 map in isometric splendor. www.byzantium1200.com/ Bring on the new Crusade! (Hat tip = Ben). #
  • 21:32 @GamerTraveler I'm told that map is the source of oceans of drool in the Ars Magica forums, and I believe it. Constantinople at its height. #
  • 21:33 Ok, I have delayed long enough. I must undertake an L5R pilgrimage to the Tsubaki Grand Shrine. www.tsubakishrine.com/ Who's with me? #
  • 21:35 I know Kij has raved about it, and @shadawyn was lucky enough to go in the great weather today. I'm at NorWescon next weekend, maybe after? #
  • 21:37 Terrible news about the co-founder of RPGs. RT @rsdancey, Dave Arneson is ailing and not expected to recover. tinyurl.com/cch8ck #
  • 21:37 RT @muskrat_john The Arneson family prefers peace and quiet. Please no attempts to contact. Just think good thoughts. #
  • 21:40 @bluestem welcome home! #
  • 21:42 @ephealy Sunday afternoon if NorWesCon winds down fast. Saturday the 18th otherwise. Anyone else for Tsubaki Shrine of America? #
  • 06:47 @ephealy Six talks, four of them on Saturday. I posted my NorwesCon schedule at the-monkey-king.livejournal.com/245595.html #
  • 06:49 Monday Monster is a clever variant on vermin, the necrotic tick. It's by Tim Connors, so smart is expected. www.koboldquarterly.com/ #
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Apr. 6th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC)
i was holding back as i thought about it. i hatehatehate Twitter aggregation, for the same reasons as scarlettina. but should i reject it when the alternative is radio silence? (i do find open_design interesting, but that's about your projects and not about you.) hrm.

the real answer is that i will watch for you this weekend, and then see about having dinner sometime before more months pass.
Apr. 7th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
Speaking of this weekend, will you (ironymaiden) be available for a meal at the con?
Apr. 7th, 2009 05:23 am (UTC)
yes. i may need to work Friday, but i'll definitely be there by dinner time.

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