Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

  • Paying freelancers. #
  • More development work on Halls of the Mountain King. It's starting to gel, a little. #
  • Terrific reading list from John Crowley. Wish I'd known about Sons of Sinbad before Al-Qadim. crowleycrow.livejournal.com/38862.html #
  • A discouraging bit of "I said good day, sir!" today with a former fan. Why do I work on 'zines, again? Some people can't be pleased. Blech. #
  • Man, thinking about gnomes always cheers me up. They're so.... gullible. :) #
  • So what should dwarven rune spells actually *do* in D&D? I've got four effects, and need more... dwarfyness. Anyone? #
  • @robertemerson that's it exactly. Practical versus "look at me, I'm a superior elf" #
  • @allandros they're meant to be general-use for a campaign, so it can be anything. I'm avoiding crafting and divination, mostly. #
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