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Holiday Parties

We attended the RotK at a late showing in the Pacific Place theatres on Friday, and then two holiday parties, one to celebrate the Return of the King and one for Hannukah and latkes. Both were big hits, and we enjoyed (everyone seemed to have nitpicking issues with it, but no one was willing to say it was a disappointment, exactly. I'm still on the fence about the film; it had great moments, but most of it wasn't what I wanted out of the last film. Too much weird editing, as well. The "everyone laughs" scene in the denouement seemed especially odd to me. Maybe it'll seem better on a second viewing.

And scarlettina's Hannukah party was standing room only. I'm hoping she shares her latke recipe, as they were especially tasty, and reminded me of the Polish potato pancakes that my family sometimes serves up as a breakfast dish. In any case, we renewed our acquaitance with several good folks, met some new people, including young Katie and Victor, the well-behaved children who nevertheless climbed over, under, and around everything at the party. It was a warm and pleasant festival, with plenty of everything. scarlettina knows how to throw a party.

Oh, and since I keep hearing "Let's not forget the true meaning of the holiday" from various more-or-less condescending Christians — happy Mithras Birthday, everyone!

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