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Unexpected Meetings

So I've had two unexpected meetings with charming young women in two days, one at the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" preview, the other on the bus ride home today. I think this is the universe's way of improving my social life.

Anyway, details. I met Tarah, my old housemate, and her friend Jennifer at the movie. Wouldn't you know it, Jennifer works at the same place I do. Small town. Tarah is a jewelry designer of some distinction, with her work featured in a number of boutiques and on her web site. I'm happy she's doing well, and I think her designs have really gone from good to professional in the last year or two.

On the bus I ran into former co-worker cupcake_goth on the bus coming home. She's kinda hard to miss, what with the hoop skirt and top hat. Charming as always, she and I discussed the usual topics: absinthe, the Moulin Rouge, kids today, Tim Powers, Victoriana, stroppy_baggage's recent triumphs, and her own. I recommend her Goth advice column highly, to Goths and non-Goths alike.

I love it when the universe re-introduces me to good people I've been too introverted to seek out myself. But I think I'll also take this as a sign that I simply must get out of Ye Old Monkey-cave more often…

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