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Where Did Last Week Go?

Blink and you miss a week of posting. Last week was a busy one at work, and a busy one for my writing. I put together a big message push for a new program at work, and wrote >10,000 words for Paizo and Malhavoc. I guess I got a lot done, but the week did pass in a blur.

I collapsed in a heap on Friday, not feeling especially great. But I slept in, took it easy, and was healthy enough to go to Mrs. mysticalforest's birthday bash. The party was well catered and lively, the cake was amazing, everyone wore purple, and Mr. Forest asked everyone to toast Mrs. Forest, which prompted some lovely thoughts. I almost toasted her for the Olde Days in Lake Geneva, but ultimately chickened out.

I caught up with Stan! and the Forests, who have Big Plans for their garden (currently, mostly mud). It's also pretty clear that gaming is the most important thing going on at their house. The gaming table is the nicest piece of furniture they own.

Surprisingly (for me, Mr. Introvert), I met a lot of new people, including some people I know primarily from their online presence. I spoke with Mike "New Guy" McArtor and bigfootcountry, as well as ezrael, the Rhode Island survivalist. A heck of a party.

Yesterday was a movie day: I give "Matchstick Men" a B-, as I always enjoy grifter/con movies, but I totally saw the ending for this one coming a mile away. "Time and Tide" was a fine Tsui Hark action flick that dragged on about 20 minutes too long. Ah well, anything that includes a gun battle full of rappeling down tenements and a tear-gas clouded shootout is worth a little of my time. Kinetic, beautifully shot, and melodramatic, it's got everything I want from a Hong Kong flick. A solid B.


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Apr. 5th, 2004 03:20 pm (UTC)
Yay! Glad you had fun!
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