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Writing and Epic Poetry Weekend

I spent a chunk of Memorial Day at the keyboard. Result = 3000 words on the Secret Ω Project, which goes into playtest in about a week.

The rest of the holiday I spent at the movies with shellyinseattle. She wanted to see Troy, and really it was better than I expected (but I hadn't expected much). Orlando Bloom makes a surprisingly good Paris: shallow, wooden, kind of whiny. He may yet be the Keanu Reeves of his generation. Other than him, though, the actors were pretty good. It's hard to screw up Homer when you've got this kind of budget, and my namesake Wolfgang Peterson at the helm. Since his next project is "Ender's Game", I'm glad to see he's still got some chops after a string of, er, interesting recent choices. I still think of him as the director behind "Das Boot" rather than the messy "Air Force One" or "Outbreak".


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Jun. 1st, 2004 11:42 am (UTC)
The movie 'Troy' was all about Achilles. I rooted for Brad Pitt and the Myrmidions... yummy sweaty men in gold lighting! Whoohoo!

Hopefully 'Ender's Game' will be a bit more... intellectual.
Jun. 1st, 2004 12:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Achilles

As if anyone on this thread doesn't know the Illiad, but still. . .

The transformation of Achilles from glory-hogging war machine to immortal hero is a great story. While I liked the early action sequences with Achilles very much, I didn't *cheer* for him until he met King Priam in his tent and learned to use his reputation for greater ends. The way the film presents it, Achilles learns mercy and love, and it kills him. I suspect that's not quite the spin Homer put on it, but I like the reinterpretation.

I was also surprised to see that all the folks moaning about how the gods don't appear have forgotten their classics. Thetis the sea goddess is Achilles' mother, and she gets one crucial scene. She appears and offers Achilles the fateful choice, just as Homer described. It's subtle, but it's right there.

As a Monkey King rather than a Warrior King, I personally identify much more with Odysseus than with Achilles. But that's another epic poem (and perhaps another movie, some day).
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