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A Foreign Affair

The SNEAK film this morning was a 5-star beauty called "A Foreign Affair", a film about two brothers from the US who seek a Russian bride. This is the filmmakers' first feature film; they produced quite a few documentaries previously, and it shows in the way they approach the story. They get past the surface ideas of what Internet matchmaking is like by using documentary footage in between the narrative line. It also features the most humorous device to show the passage of time I've seen in many a year.

It's only in limited release, currently LA, Phoenix and (soon) Chicago. I'd recommend it as a wonderfully shot, written, and acted view on love, mating, and courtship, with US/Russian culture clash for seasoning.
I'm fond of the film for many reasons, not least that it reminded me I can catch the gist of a Russian conversation if I try a little and they use small words (the film is in English, however). It captures both the naive hopes of bachelorhood, and the dark undercurrents of Russian life, and many other sweet moments that you might not expect in a Hollywood romantic comedy — this was conceived and filmed largely by a European team. "A Foreign Affair" features the lovely and talented Emily Mortimer (my new fave in the up-and-coming actresses category). The male leads (and the film is very much from the male point of view) are played by David Arquette, and Tim Blake-Nelson.

It will appear as a DVD release under the title "Two Brothers and A Bride." — apparently, video sales data shows that any film with the word "Foreign" in the title is a turn-off to American audiences. Which is a sad little commentary all on its own.
The scriptwriter and several post-production staffers led a lively discussion about how and why the film was made, as is proper for a SNEAK film. Ask me about their budget after you see the film, and I will amaze you.


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Jun. 6th, 2004 09:37 pm (UTC)
Naturally, since I had to choose between Sneak Films and Secret Festival and chose the latter, this was the first of three weeks that's disappointed me. I'll rail about it (ambiguously) in my own post later.

I'm disgruntled that the excuse Wes gave me was that the previous administration had chosen the schedule, yet he couldn't promise it wouldn't happen next year. Seems pretty easy to anticipate that the Secret Festival will take place from around May 20 to mid-June.

I still love those guys, but grr. Arrgh!
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