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Truck Full of Bones

This weekend I walked down to the Green Lake Library, as I often do. shellyinseattle and I even took the dog (we were picking up books and dropping off a form). On the way back, I caught an eyeful of morbid reality: a truck full of bones coming back from the slaughterhouse. I'd never seen anything like it, but it's obvious in retrospect: a culture that eats as much meat as ours generates a lot of leather and bone as well. You just don't usually see it.

I was crossing the highway overpass at 5th Ave, and one of those double dump trucks was zipping along below at 60 MPH. As it approached, I couldn't quite tell what was in the hopper, because it clearly wasn't dirt, rocks, asphalt, or other typical constuction materials. The load was seemed to be a mix of reddish sticks. As it passed directly below, it came clear: the load was a mass of very large ribcages, likely from grown cattle. Almost every bit of meat had been flensed from the bones, leaving just enough to give them a fuzz of red around the yellowish bone. The work had been done recently enough that the blood and meat was still red, just starting to darken to brown. The sheer volume of it was something; I mean, filling two trucks with cow parts takes a fair number of cows. At a guess, I'd say there were 40 ribcages in the truck and trailer, possibly more. I didn't notice skulls or leg bones, but the pattern of the ribs (the bones were all still joined together) made more of an impression.

The truck was gone in 3 or 4 seconds, south along the curve in the highway. The load was piled low enough that other drivers couldn't possibly see the contents.

Which leaves me with just two questions: Where was that truck going? And will my next hamburger taste any different?


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Jun. 6th, 2004 04:30 pm (UTC)
I reckon you could have a field day with that snippet.

*puts on horror GM hat for a sec*

Are you sure they were cow carcasses?
And where were they going? Come to think of it, where did they come from?
Jun. 6th, 2004 06:12 pm (UTC)
Your bone-truck sighting reminded me of a similarly surreal drive down I-5 a few years ago. Traffic was really bad that day, and for a good reason. Seems a truck full of cow carcasses had turned over on the highway and had strewn cow parts all over the road for several hundred feet; they had a few backhoes scooping up the mess and loading another truck like it was mounds of gravel. Red gravel.

The creepy part of course was not finding out they were cow parts till I read about it the next day in the paper, so I had 24 hours or so to fill in the blanks with the imagination as to what that swath of highway gore had come from. AIEEEE!
( 2 sutras — Your wisdom )

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