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Name Day Arrives

My short story, Name Day, arrived as part of the Children of the Rune anthology, released today in electronic form (and in paper in August or so).

The anthology is, of course, cheaper as a PDF than it is as a dead tree brick. As a new release, it's $4 for the first few days. If you pick it up and like it, let me know. If you hate it, there's 12 other stories in the anthology that may be more entertaining, by Jeff Grubb and Ed Greenwood and a few other folks who you may have heard of. It's all set in Monte Cook's shared world of The Diamond Throne, and fits pretty well in the broader fantasy tradition. I'm ridiculously happy for what is, after all, my 50th publication or so.

Anyway, the story turned out pretty well, and I'm off and running on the next one. I'd be very interested to hear whether people would rather read another story featuring the same protagonist, or a completely new story in the same setting.
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