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The Party Circuit

We hosted a terrific party and potluck at our house last night to celebrate frabjousdave's birthday with all his film, writing, and theatre friends. The usual suspects were in attendance, from ironymaiden and scarlettina and the Mighty McKennae to new folks such as…

Matt Ruff and Lisa Gold. And I got to know Phyllis and Sabrina a little better (both folks from A Guide to Visitors). Not to mention Harold, Eve, Wendy, Marc, Jess, Sean, Doug, and others who I don't know by their LJ handles. They all knew how to make a fifth of 12 YO Tamnavulin disappear in quick time. So I broke out the Royal Lochnagar.

Two games of Werewolf (the party game, not the WW RPG) were well received, especially as the sun was setting about that time, and the shadows gathered in the back yard where villagers, seer, and werewolves were cutting a swath through the crowd. I was lynched by my fellow villagers almost immediately in the first game, on the remarkably logical theory that anyone named "Wolf" had to be guilty. I believe the werewolves won one game, and villagers the other.

I did better in the Mystery of the Abbey, but only because of the turn sequence poor luck on scarlettina's part. Including a tiny bell to ring with that game to mark turns was sheer genius.

Oh, and there was a fine German chocolate cake, thanks to the Secret Playtest Kitchens of a few weeks back.

A delightful time all around, and I am confirmed in the opinion that Seattle is full of very fine specimens indeed. I think things calmed down around 4 or 5 AM. It's been a long time since I stayed up quite that late. Ok, I wimped out at 2. I would have stayed up later but … whiskey.

Then I went to get the Jetta towed into the shop. It conked out last night, while Shelly was getting last-minute party supplies. Getting a tow on a Saturday morning turns out to be remarkably hassle-free, and the tow guy opined that it's nothing worse than a dead starter motor. I suspect the worst, though, as the transmission has been flaky for a while. Fortunately, it's all still under warranty, but getting the car fixed again may take a while.


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Jun. 26th, 2004 02:01 pm (UTC)
Worried Ginmar reader
I'm getting sooooo worried, that Gin hasn't posted anything since Sun. When she said she was going into Baghdad on Mon. :( I'm desperate enough for any news of her, to just start doing what I'm doing here... Posting on LJ's of her listed Friends and asking "Do you know anything???" If so, will you please send a quick e-mail to sprngautm@yahoo.com? Surely, some of her listed LJ Friends would have Real Life contact with her family or something. sighhhhhhhh And thank you.
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