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Costikyan at Origins?!

In the WTF category, Greg Costikiyan returned to the industry he ditched many years ago as a "Guest of Honor" at the Origins show this year. As you might expect, his writeup of the paper RPG show was not entirely a love-letter. In particular he objects (not unreasonably) to the complete lack of the names of actual PEOPLE at the Origins Awards ceremony, thus:

at no time is the name of a game designer, miniatures sculptor, graphic artist, illustrator--or, god help me, author--ever mentioned. Everything is ascribed to the publisher. I'm sure this is extremely just. Gone With the Wind , product of MGM, right? (Selznick who?) Viking Publising, Grapes of Wrath, what a great novel. (Steinbeck? Who dat?) Dungeons & Dragons by--Hasbro, yes, that's the ticket.

Interesting to read the outsider perspective. The prodigal designer returns? Anyway, if you are in the industry or just interesting in its history and machinations, give it a spin.


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Jun. 29th, 2004 09:39 pm (UTC)
And so to bed, or rather, to several hours of tossing and turning as I contemplated a game concept that might actually do rather well in the soul-crushing cesspit of dreams they call the "adventure gaming industry."

I found it most amusing that he was talking about lack of originality in the industry and his shilling for a re-make of a 30 year old game.

Who is this guy? It's a name only barely recognize, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you for what if he hadn't mentioned Paranoia, which I've never played.

Judging entirely by that single post, I rather doubt I'd like to meet such a bitter and callous individual.

I also remember him saying Deciper isn't a game company. I can't tell you one TCG that company owns 'cause I'm not into TCGs, but there are designers there who do make up rules for a game. Whether it's conveyed to the public on the back of a licensed property or not, it's still a game, with people who designed it behind it.

It's suprising that he would complain that the awards didn't mention designers and only publishers, then paints whole publishers with the same broad brush ignoring the designers in it.

What a chucklehead.
Jun. 30th, 2004 02:01 pm (UTC)
That was an entertaining read. Of course, I am not a gaming insider so I have to take what the author says with a large grain of salt.

Anyone care to provide a clear review of his argument's merits?
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