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Piling On More Freelance

After promising myself that the Hasbro project was going to be my last game-related writing for a while, I've buckled under the pressure of the mortgage and other debts and taken on a gigantic pile of new work. This pretty much brings work on my novel back to a screeching halt.

The work includes some things I like, such as one project with creepy villainous samurai, a swashbuckling project, and a funny modern-day fable. It also includes things I'm not as crazy about. All told, it will pay down debts. But I feel like, more than ever, I'm on the game-writing treadmill. I need the cash, but it feels exactly the same as when I did this sort of work for TSR in the 90s: I'm doing good work, but for somebody else's universe.

Sometimes I wish I weren't the only big bread-winner in the family (though I know how hard Shelly works keeping the household and finances in order). Sometimes I just want to drop out of the rat race and find a quiet cabin in the woods, live like the Unabomber, and not worry so much about mortgages, car payments, bills, and more bills. I know everyone deals with that sort of stuff at some level once they move out of their parent's basement, but a shack in the foothills of Hawaii would do nicely right about now. Mangos and papaya grow wild on the trees there. Coffee is cheap.

Kansas in July is looking more and more like a glorious dream vacation. I can't wait to ignore my first and second jobs for a week. Oz, here I come.
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