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My pitch for the next Malhavoc anthology has been accepted, I'm happy to say. It's a lovely story about, well, meat and hunting and caveman-style killin'. This may be related to the July 4th acquisition of a Weber grill in the Baur household. I've been cooking with fire for a couple weeks, and it's very good indeed. The invention of fire was one of those crowning glories of civilization. So, thought I, why not write about the Very Old Days?

In any case, the next story will be quite a departure from the last, which was (let's not be coy) a wee bit fae. The draft (fire and all) is due in September sometime, which means the book won't even be out until next year. Two of my fellow Alliterates will also be likely to return, Grubb Street and the Stannex. Given the zing of their last contributions, I'm looking forward to seeing what they cook up next.

The Alliterates themselves have launched a rather spiff new blog called Alliterate News to keep everyone informed about what's going on. I'm of two minds about this venture. On the one hand, we're a group of writers who are friends and former co-workers and sometimes even collaborators. We all have writerly chops and advanced social skills.

On the other hand, we're an all-male, mildly competitive bunch of writers, editors, and game designers trying to keep a blog community together. Let the self-promotion and one-upsmanship begin. I have nightmares of a swarm of press releases scrolling down the screen. The only solution, of course, is for me to contribute something worthwhile. Grubb Street's fiendish plot has ensnared me!

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