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Back From Chicago

I went to Chicago last weekend and got back Wednesday — since then, I've been playing catch-up at work. Here's the rundown on six things that happened in the Windy City:

  1. I saw my niece, Annabel, in person for the first time. Apparently I look or smell like a relative, because she treated me much better than she treats most strangers. She's a quiet child most of the time, all big blue eyes and baby smell. Sheep and donkeys are apparently still kind of scary for her, if the petting zoo was any indication.

  2. I got on Central Baby time, which involves waking at 6 AM, Central, and sleeping before 10. In other words, the time shift was about 3 or 4 hours. Oddly, it wasn't that tough to adjust.

  3. I saw the Lilac Days parade, one of those mostly-homegrown affairs involving scouts, high school bands, Shriners, hillbillies, lots and lots of Indian Princesses, and a gigantic motorized hot rod shopping cart. Quite amusing, though I could have done without the Confederate re-enactors firing off muskets en masse.

  4. I took a workshop on Web content management. It wasn't bad, but a lot of it was old news to me. The rest was useful. It's a work thing, but it also explains why I need to make some changes to the New Albion Press site to make it easier to use.

  5. My buddy Scot had to cancel our dinner downtown due to illness. And I was really looking forward to seeing The Man again, but apparently now I'll have to call him The Punk…

  6. On the plus side, dining alone gave me time to make some decisions about the novel. I got another set of scenes out of it, and think the problems I've been struggling with around the villain and the ending are now tractable. In any case, Progress. Now all I need is some nesting space for the book, and I should be fine. But that's a topic for another time.


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May. 30th, 2003 09:46 am (UTC)
Sing it!
You gotta shake! shake! shake your sillies out!
Shake! shake! shake your sillies out!
shake! shake! shake your sillies out!
And waggle your wiggles away!

-- Guess who
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