Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Stuff on the Bus

Today is Day Two of my deadline vacation; I'm *this close* to finishing the Ω project. So I woke up late, showered, poured coffee into myself and got on the bus. Timed it perfectly, too.

Turns out that was totally the right call, and not just because downtown parking is annoying during the week. I saw a beautiful German place just north of Ravenna and Roosevelt that I'd never noticed before, called Die Bierstube. Gotta check that place out sometime. Maybe to reward myself after making the deadline.

The best "bus moment", though, was the 7-year-old girl getting aboard with her mother and a golden retriever named Willy twice as big as herself. Willy was quite friendly, stopping to say a mild, snuffling hello to everyone on the bus. "Come ON, Willy, time to sit down now." Saccharine overdose, but big smiles up and down the aisle.
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