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Seattle Voters Only

A few Monkey readers may be registered to vote in Seattle. If not, skip this post. If you are, I'll keep it short.

The I-83 Monorail Recall initiative is a corrupt vanity initiative and does not deserve your support. Here's two reasons why:

  1. The initiative will kill the construction of the monorail but WILL NOT REMOVE THE MONORAIL TAXES! This is because the initiative changes the permitting process for construction, but does not (in fact cannot) repeal the taxes that three previous monorail votes approved. In essence, if Seattle voters approve I-83, they'll continue paying for a monorail that will never be built. Who knows where the money will wind up.

  2. The initiative is entirely a vanity voter project funded by Seattle's largest developer, millionaire Martin Selig. It's not grassroots; it's pure astroturf at the whim of the wealthy. Selig is afraid that public transit downtown may bring the "wrong element" downtown and may interfere with some sight lines from his luxury condos on 2nd Avenue. For this, he's willing to keep traffic snarled in the city for the rest of us, and overturn the measure that has already gotten broad popular support three times. Bastard.

No more delay. Build the monorail. Vote NO on I-83.
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