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Economist Endorses Kerry

In the category of "Where did that come from?", the Economist news magazine has endorsed Kerry. This amuses me in part because recently, when I mentioned to my father that I read the Economist often, he seemed rather taken aback (I believe he said something along the lines of "Why do you read those right-wingers archconservatives?").

Yes, The Economist is a magazine that cares first and foremost about data, business, numbers, finance, and global trade. Their typical article features trend lines, numerical tables, and bar charts. But it's been clear for a while that the City bankers aren't thrilled with Bush's economic record.

And the thing is, though the Economist is usually closer to the WSJ than to Daily Kos, its really not that partisan. Yes, they are a British magazine making an endorsement for a race they can't vote in. But that's the joy of it: they view American politics with a sort of dispassion and distance that only seems possible from intercontinental distances. American conservatives and liberals alike just can't get much perspective on the race; we're too caught up in it.

I'm totally tickled by this endorsement.
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