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Halloween Bits and Bites

As far as I'm concerned, Samhain was yesterday, at the truly splendid Halloween party at the Green Ronin World Headquarters. Nicole has written up a better party summary than I could, with pictures, even. I'll just mention that I went as the Pumpkin King, with eyes, nose and mouth set on an orange shirt stuffed with lots of foam; I'm wearing the gourd hat visible in the back of some photos. The food was just stupendously great, and I got to carve feetloaf for the first time. Chris wore a very scary costume indeed, which involved the words "Mission Accomplished" and a flight suit. I had a terrific time talking to a bunch of new people and a few older friends and acquaintances.

The evening ended with pumpkin carving. Fortunately, no one decided the Pumpkin King needed carving.

Today, a quick walk around Green Lake again. This time Shelly and I saw another group of fine birds: American coots, cormorants with wings spread facing the sun, a blue heron atop a fir tree, and the same red-tailed hawk perched on the same lamp as yesterday. It's as if I'm suddenly turning into a birder against my will. Next thing I'll be keeping a life log and burbling about Western tannigers.

Lastly, I wrote up two book reviews for Amazing Stories 608 or 609. I'll just say it's damn hard to write a Gene Wolfe review in 200 words and leave it at that.


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Nov. 2nd, 2004 11:58 am (UTC)
If you could write a Gene Wolfe review in 200 words, you're either an alien, or under the influence of something I want to try.

Gene Wolfe is amazing--but he's not an easy read.
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