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Entertainment Geekly

The latest issue of Amazing Stories showed up in my mail box last week, with Mr. Incredible on the cover and a featured interview with the film's director, Brad "Iron Giant" Bird. It continues to evolve as a magazine, and it seems to be reaching the status of "Entertainment Weekly" for geeks. The short fiction is good and widens the genre range this issue as well, with a mainline fantasy tale and a Weird West story. The MMO-meets-The-Duke atmosphere of "The Man from Breakneck" by Larry Tritten features some especially amusing world-class cursing, but for me, it's the rest of the magazine that's really compelling. The interview with Laurel K. Hamilton, the Q&A with Harry Turtledove, and the reviews of ... well, everything, are terrific.

The reviews have gotten nastier this time out, with pans for most of the films and several books — and that's great. I was worried that we'd see too many middle-of-the-road ratings. Not the case. And in fact, we've also seen a few 5-star shout-outs as well. Peter Straub's new book gets a great notice, part of the larger publishing trend of "Horror genre does better under Republican adminstrations".

The feature I'm liking more than I expected to is the "Time Machine", which takes advantage of Amazing's, er, amazingly long run to revisit the past. This issue? September, 1939. Yow.

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