Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

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Copenhagen Calling

I woke up to find a comment on an old entry from Denmark. Maybe it's just a one-off, an oddness of the Internet. Maybe it's a Trend. Maybe I'm being slightly haunted by Denmark lately.

Anyway, I'm re-evaluating who I think the audience is for this blog; for a couple years, I've been assuming it is largely friends and family. Maybe that's still true, but maybe not. It seems a Euro-gamer contigent may have arrived as well, which is pretty cool. I see sabayone and gothwalk around once in a while. No idea who else might be out there.

So this is an open call to anyone I've never met in person: if you'd like to delurk and say hello, please do so in the comments. Who are you marvelous readers out there? Don't be shy; anonymous posting is enabled.
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