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It's Party Time

We party-hopped last night, first at the Archers, where the women got drunk, argued politics, and told dirty stories while the menfolk sat quietly and behaved themselves. Well, mostly.

It was a great party, with a pool table, big G&Ts, scotch, and a cornucopia of fine foods. We discussed literature, and Peter loaned me an alternate history I've been meaning to read for ages. I got to chat at length with the lovely Georgia of Port Townsend, a friend of brainstormfront who happens to work at Loompanics. My kind of people.

Then, back to Seattle to celebrate with the McKenna in N'Awlins style. We trade some writerly shop talk and gloomy prognostications with the stylin' </b>Bruce Taylor</b> (currently delivering 3 novels at once), then met some new folks with whom we had rather a lot in common: Shelly and Paul, a medievalist and a Bungie employee, respectively. We talked about the city of York (including the medieval cart plays), the city of Lincoln, games, Chicago winters, and how to cook a proper "prawleen", as they say in Crescent City. Unfortunately, we had to light out a little early, and didn't get to hear more than the first couple songs by the house band. But they do a mean set live, whether electric or acoustic.

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