Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Christmas Eve

For me, Christmas Eve used to mean a quiet evening with family and friends. In the last three years, Shelly has thrown the media exchange party, which puts the emphasis on good noisy fun with friends, and passing around books, games, and CDs (and this year, DVDs made a big showing). It went very well, barring one emergency taxi operation to pick up a guest wandering the Wilds of Green Lake after my directions failed to operate correctly (thanks again shteevie).

The food highlights included cranberry bread, deviled eggs and Icelandic caviar, killer Dutch cheese, excellent cookies of a hundred kinds, two or three delicious mushroom dishes, fancy flan with syrup trimmings, and probably more. I grilled some red and green peppers, and Christmas eggplant. I love my friends for being foodies, and for sharing their foodiness with others.

Best of all was spending the evening with good folks, including our neighbors, the younger card-gamer crowd, the Eastside writerly crowd, and the older TSR-related bunch.mimerki even made it out from the Peninsula. We had about three generations of geeks and gamers, and that was both fun to watch and to hear, especially in those geek bragging rights moments such as "I saw Star Wars Episode IV in the theatre" vs. "I saw Star Wars Episode 1 in the theatre" moments, or the summation of the SF Silver Age dead pool. Or the discussion of the latest board games and the "d20 Netbook of Flan".

Good times. And now, I hear some presents calling, waiting to be unwrapped.
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